Type 9: The Peacemaker

Type 9: The Peacemaker
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Type 9 on the Enneagram, commonly referred to as The Peacemaker, is characterized by their desire for peace, harmony, and inner stability. Peacemakers are driven by a need to avoid conflict, maintain internal and external tranquility, and create an environment of calm and comfort. They are typically empathetic, supportive, and agreeable, often acting as mediators in their personal and professional circles.

Type 9s are known for their ability to see and understand multiple perspectives, their patience, and their accommodating nature. They seek to avoid tension and conflict, sometimes at the cost of their own needs and preferences. However, their desire for peace can sometimes lead to passivity, complacency, or a tendency to be overly accommodating.

Behavioral Traits of Type 9

Behavioral Traits of Type 9

Type 9s often exhibit a calm and collected demeanor, approaching life with a desire for steadiness and harmony. They are typically seen as easygoing and non-confrontational, preferring to go with the flow rather than create waves. Their decision-making often involves seeking consensus and avoiding actions that might lead to conflict or discord.

However, this aversion to conflict can sometimes result in indecisiveness or a tendency to minimize their own desires and opinions. Type 9s may find it challenging to assert themselves and can sometimes lose sight of their own priorities in the process of accommodating others.

Calm, collected, and typically easygoing.
Non-confrontational, often seeking consensus.
Tendency to go with the flow and avoid conflict.

Strengths of The Peacemaker

Type 9 personalities, The Peacemakers, bring a sense of calm and stability to both their personal and professional lives. Their ability to create harmony and understand different viewpoints makes them excellent collaborators and mediators.

In professional settings, Type 9s are often valued for their ability to maintain a peaceful and cooperative atmosphere. They excel in roles that require diplomacy, consensus-building, and the ability to bring people together. Their empathy and understanding of various perspectives can lead to effective conflict resolution and team cohesion.

In personal relationships, Type 9s are often supportive and nonjudgmental, offering a listening ear and a comforting presence. They value deep and harmonious connections and often go to great lengths to maintain a sense of peace and stability in their relationships.

Despite their tendency towards accommodation, many Type 9s also possess a quiet strength and resilience, using their peacekeeping abilities to positively impact their environments.

Creates harmony and understands different viewpoints.
Diplomatic and skilled at consensus-building.
Supportive and nonjudgmental in personal relationships.

Areas for Development and Growth

While Type 9s have many strengths, they also face areas for growth and self-improvement.

  • Assertiveness: Developing assertiveness and the ability to express their own needs and opinions can help Type 9s find a balance between accommodating others and honoring themselves.
  • Decision-Making: Working on decisiveness and taking initiative can lead to greater personal and professional fulfillment.
  • Embracing Conflict: Learning to view conflict not as something to be avoided but as an opportunity for growth and understanding can be beneficial for Type 9s.
  • Prioritizing Self: Focusing on their own goals and aspirations, and recognizing their own importance, can help Type 9s lead more fulfilling lives.

The Peacemaker at Work

In the workplace, Type 9 personalities thrive in environments where they can contribute to a sense of harmony and cooperation. They excel in roles that require empathy, the ability to see multiple sides of an issue, and a talent for bringing people together.

  • Collaboration and Mediation: Type 9s are natural collaborators, bringing a sense of calm and stability to team dynamics. Their mediation skills can be invaluable in resolving conflicts and maintaining a positive work environment.
  • Steadiness and Reliability: Their steady and reliable nature makes them valued team members, often contributing a sense of consistency and dependability.
  • Challenges at Work: Type 9s may struggle in environments that are highly competitive or where assertiveness is required. They might also find it challenging to work in roles that demand quick decision-making or frequent confrontation.

The Peacemaker in Personal Relationships

In personal relationships, Type 9s are often seen as comforting and accommodating. They seek to create and maintain harmony in their relationships, often prioritizing the needs and desires of others.

  • Accommodating and Harmonious: Type 9s bring a sense of peace and stability to their relationships, often acting as a calming influence in times of stress.
  • Relationship Dynamics: Their tendency to avoid conflict and to prioritize others' needs can sometimes lead to neglecting their own desires. Type 9s can benefit from practicing assertiveness and expressing their own needs and opinions.
  • Deep Connections: Focusing on developing deep and meaningful connections can help Type 9s feel more fulfilled and valued in their relationships.


Type 9 with an 8-Wing (9w8)

Type 9s with an 8-wing (9w8), often referred to as "The Referee," blend the peacemaking and accommodating traits of Type 9 with the assertiveness and strength of Type 8. This combination results in individuals who, while typically easygoing and accommodating, are capable of asserting themselves when necessary. 9w8s can be more direct and willing to take action, especially in defense of their loved ones or in pursuit of their values. 9w8s often balance their desire for harmony with a willingness to confront issues head-on. They may display a more protective and robust presence compared to typical Type 9s. The challenge for 9w8s lies in balancing their need for peace with their assertive side, ensuring they remain true to their core desire for harmony and stability.

Type 9 with a 1-Wing (9w1)

Type 9s with a 1-wing (9w1), known as "The Dreamer," combine the harmonious and accommodating qualities of Type 9 with the idealistic and orderly nature of Type 1. This subtype tends to be more principled and self-disciplined, often holding themselves to high standards of conduct. 9w1s may be more focused on issues of morality, ethics, and personal integrity. 9w1s often approach situations with a desire for fairness and order, using their peacemaking skills to promote justice and correctness. They may exhibit a more reserved and contemplative demeanor compared to other Type 9s. The challenge for 9w1s is to balance their idealism with their desire for peace, ensuring they do not become overly critical or lose sight of their natural inclination towards harmony and acceptance.

In summary, Type 9, The Peacemaker, navigates life with a focus on harmony, stability, and understanding. Whether influenced by the assertive and protective nature of wing 8 or the principled and orderly characteristics of wing 1, Type 9s seek to create and maintain peace in their environments. Their journey involves balancing their accommodating nature with assertiveness, embracing conflict as an opportunity for growth, and prioritizing their own needs alongside those of others.